Monday, May 10, 2010

Politically Incorrect - My Take on Black Culture

In an era where everything has to be politically correct, it's easy to put your foot in your mouth. Well, this may offend some people but it needs to be said.

First of all, if I were black and knew all the terrible history of what has happened in this country, I would strive to make the best out of all opportunities presented to me. I wouldn't sag my pants and show my underwear and my butt. I wouldn't seek to fit in with gangs and sell drugs to my own people, thus enslaving them again.

Black people are still slaves in many places but the only people holding them there is their own kind. We all stereotype in some way and when you play into that type, you aren't helping matters for other black people who sincerely want to be successful. Rappers aren't successful. They are only rich and popular. Successful comes from the impact you make in your community and around the world. I hope this message doesn't sound funny coming from a white woman, but someone needs to say something.

My parents fought for the equality of blacks and now my mom is embarrassed by that because the fruit is still not there. What happened to the strong black pride that existed when I was a child? I loved the culture of black people then. Now, it's embarrassing to be affiliated with the music and video images, the clothing and the language. And the funny thing is, there are MORE black geniuses than there are white ones, but they are all stuck in this bondage of being black as they can be instead of being all the human they can be.

I love all people and I don't care if I stepped on toes. Let's get it together.


The Belle in Blue said...

It took a lot of courage to post this, Alicia. I agree for the most part. However, I see it more as a subculture that stretches across all racial boundaries. There are people of ALL races like you described, but it doesn't seem to reflect on white people as much as the other ethnicities. Watch a few episodes of the Jerry Springer show for some examples that will make your skin crawl.

I know fine people of all races, but they aren't the ones in the public eye like the mouth-breathing bottom dwellers we see in the news and the sensationalist media every day.

It all begins at home. We have to get back to the family unit that has almost completely died out. Like the old song says: "Teach your children well."

The High Powered Woman said...

Amen, Joyce. Thanks for popping by and for adding. You're right.