Monday, April 20, 2009

Kissing Fools

Love trips me up. No lie. It confuses me sometimes. My aunt and uncle seem to hate each other most days, but if you ask them, they swear they love one another and can't live without one another. The problem is, they don't tell each other that. They won't say it in front of each other. Night before last, they were over to my parents' house. I went upstairs to grab something. I almost walked in on them making out. I couldn't believe it. I hurriedly shut the door. First thought - gross. Second thought - kissing fools.

I don't want to love someone as much as they obviously love one another and practice hiding it from everyone. My mother told me they do that because they are terrified. They've been married 19 years, but neither of them will even talk about their marriage. Mother has obviously caught them in action though. When Aunt Mindy became ill last winter, my mother said Uncle Rick was crying so hard he nearly made himself sick. So, why hide it? Who are they hiding it from?

Well, I'm through musing about life. I don't want that kind of relationship, but I do want that depth of love.

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