Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Oprah Challenge

From all that I've learned over the past week, it's difficult to get a book into Oprah's hands. However, I recently mailed a copy of my friend and co-laborers book to her. The book, The Rape of Innocence by Lacresha Hayes, is really a wonderful book. It's different from others on the topic of sexual abuse.

After I mailed off a copy, I found out that Felicia, Pam and Regina had also mailed one off, not to mention that the author herself had one mailed off months ago. So, with all these copies going to Oprah, where do you think they'll end up? Hopefully, in her hands which will be a big deal for everyone who works closely with Lacresha for victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence. Will you purchase and send a book to Oprah? Or, why don't you go to her website and email her about the book?

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